Flite Logistics is making every effort to assure the safety and security of our customer’s private information and travel plans and is currently phasing in the use of GnuPG public/private keys for encrypted email communication.

Click here for a general introduction to GNU Privacy Guard.

We realize that the setup and use of public/private key exchange encrypted email can be daunting even for the tech savvy. If you are new to the use of encrypted email and are looking for s/w suggestions, Flite Logistics is recommending the use of Thunderbird with the Enigmail plugin on Windows and Linux platforms and the GPG Tools Suite with Apple Mail for Mac OS X platforms.

Flite Logistics is currently reviewing various options for the use of public/private key exchange for encrypted webmail usage. Roundcube 1.2+ should support public/private key encryption with the use of Enigma (server side) and Mailvelop (client side) plugins. Once Roundcube 1.2+ is in common use and various plugins are tested, we will recommend solutions.

Until this takes place, Flite Logistics recommends the use of Protonmail for those that wish to use a web based encrypted email solution. While Protonmail is currently somewhat limited and does not support IMAP/POP3, etc., it does basic email well and makes sending/receiving encrypted email very easy. While Protonmail can send encrypted email between Protonmail and other email accounts, it is easier to send all encrypted email from within the Protonmail environment. Flitelogistics can be reached via Protonmail at :

Click here for more information about the standalone email client Thunderbird.

Click here for more information about Enigmail.

Click here for more information about GPG for Windows.

Click here for more information about GPG Tools for Mac OS X.

Flite Logistics uses separate email accounts for traditional email and encrypted email exchange. This helps keep the two sets of information separate from each other and makes it easier to use the full functionality of html supported email in standard email and the use of plaintext only for ciphertext in encrypted emails.

Flite Logistics stores public keys on standard GPG key servers, i.e. MIT PGP Public Key Server. We may soon change this practice due to rampant web scraping.

Listing of GnuPG Fingerprints and Public Keys for Flite Logistics Departments

Flite Logistics, Inc. IT Dept., 0xD4A7FC06

pub  4096R/D4A7FC06 2017-06-14 [expires: 2020-12-11]
     Key fingerprint = 8D2F A064 3A94 4310 EE5C 5528 68DF 3485 D4A7 FC06
uid                 Flite Logistics IT Dept. (Flite Logistics, Inc. IT Dept. encrypted email account) 
sub  4096R/7038E54F 2017-06-14 [expires: 2020-12-11]

Public Key for it.secure@flitelogistics.com  0xD4A7FC06